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I just sent this to my doctor:

I've had (I think) allergies for a couple of months now that feel like a long-lasting bad cold, all in my head, not chest, all about stuffiness and sneezing. I've alternated using Nyquil to sleep, with Afrin (trying to use it rarely enough not to get reactive inflammation), neti potting, taking Loratadine daily, and I've tried Flonase but not more than a few days in a row. There's no way a cold can last this long, or no way allergies can be this resistant to treatment -- can they? It's a bad hayfever year. But I'm miserable and am breaking down to ask for help. - Mary

Apr. 30th, 2015

LiveJournal client!   Let me paste the thing in my clipboard so I don't have to type it again! Damn you let me paste!


I have been eating (or not) quite mindlessly lately. Coupled with the appetite death this RA flare has brought about, I've been losing weight, almost too much for me (like I'm fine, but should stop losing weight soon or now). I also don't have good muscle tone because good exercise is hard, but I'm getting mindful about both that and eating now.

I'm simply making an effort to have one meal a day that's got good vegetables that I like and are easy for me to prepare, while satisfying my conscience, relatively whole grains, and either extra or within that, a reasonable amount of protein (veggie, ovo-lacto, or ethical pescetarian).

One meal. The rest can do what it will. But I need to eat more mindfully than I've been.

Otherwise, I can't really get the exercise I've long been happiest with, hiking and outdoor horsing around, but I need to tone up, so I'm going to do a bit of old-and-gimpy-people yoga, and I think I'm going to get some exercise bands to mess with to get a little resistance without hurting me.

Mar. 26th, 2015

Yesterday my sister and I took my kid,  and our grand-nibling (an older sister's grandchild) out for dinner between an afternoon playing at our house and an evening playing at the park. 

These days I look very 52, and have a short pixie cut.  My sister is a little younger than me, slightly longer hair;  we present as a similar age and in general we present very similarly, neither femme not butch,  not ladylike,  fairly relaxed.

After dinner, the cute young i-think-queer female couple behind me,  whom I hadn't noticed before,  said "I just wanted to tell you two: Your kids are adorable." I smiled politely like you do and said thank you,  then as they left,  the light bulb went on,  and I said,  "I think they thought those were /our/ kids.

That's a first.  Hm.

Feb. 16th, 2015

Ages ago, when I was reading about a charter school that used to be across the street from our house, I read about the local school district's excused absence policy. They allow excused absences with a doctor's note, and for immediate family funerals, and for religious reasons, but not when you're too unwell to go to school but don't need medical care, and not for dear friends' funerals, or personal/special/spiritual reasons that aren't associated with a religion.
And now that schools around here start in August, that means that Owen would have to miss the first week of first grade, unexcused, so we can go to Oregon:
That made me think that, though I know attendance is important, it's fairer to allow kids a given number of "personal" days off to use as desired than it is to allow specific religious days off. Kids without a given religion technically have fewer allowed days off, otherwise.

let's just not tell the neighborss

(though it was on their lawn)


Answer for question 4180.

You have an out of town guest for 24 hours and you have the day off. They've never visited you before. Where do you take them? What do you do and what sights do you see?
People ask me that all the damn time because we live in a touristy area. I say it totally depends on who the visitor is. Different people enjoy different things.


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